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White Collar Crimes

Being charged with a white collar crime in Dallas TX can be an extremely intimidating feeling. White collar crimes, or financial crimes, often involve complex investigations and can carry heavy penalties. However, it is important to understand that being charged with a crime doesn’t guarantee you will be convicted. The prosecution has a heavy burden of proof, and in order for you to be convicted they must prove that you committed every element of the offense that you have been charged with.

If you have been charged with mail fraud, wire fraud, racketeering, embezzlement, bank fraud, credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, identity theft, bankruptcy fraud, disability fraud, tax evasion, or any other white collar crime, hiring a qualified white collar crimes defense attorney in Dallas is essential to a positive resolution for your case.

White Collar Crimes Defense Attorney in Dallas

If you are facing white collar crime charges  in Dallas TX, Allen, Irving, Highland Park, University Park, Plano, Southlake, Carrolton, Richardson, Mansfield, North Richland Hills, Denton, Flower Mound or the surrounding areas in Texas, contact The Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy.

Attorney Richard McConathy will thoroughly review the evidence in your case and develop a defense strategy that gives you the best chance of avoiding the penalties associated with your alleged offense. Call The Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy today at (972) 233-5700 to set up a free consultation to discuss the charges against you.

Defending you Against Federal Financial Crime Charges

Many white collar crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal government. These federal offenses are prosecuted on another level and carry the potential for more severe penalties. In most cases, the federal government will prosecute offenses that take place over multiple states, involve multiple offenses, or are carried out through the use of a federal service. Common federal offenses are defined by Title 18 of the United States Code as:

Racketeering or RICO: Carrying out a set of illegal activities as part of a gang, group, enterprise, or any other criminal organization.

Wire Fraud: Using the internet, phone, television, or other electronic means to carry out a fraudulent scheme.

Mail Fraud: Using the United States Postal Service to defraud someone, or obtain money/property by false pretenses.

Bank Fraud: Executing or attempting to execute a scheme to obtain money, credits, assets, and other property that is owned or under the control of a bank or financial institution.

Securities Fraud (Insider Trading): Failure on the part of a security agency or company to disclose all of their activities to investors or analysts. 

Other forms of fraud that can lead to federal charges include, but are not limited to:

It is important to note that not every attorney is licensed to practice in Federal Court. Therefore, if you are charged with a federal offense, it is imperative that you are represented by a lawyer who is experienced in the particular field of federal charges.

With years of experience defending clients facing a wide range of federal offenses, the attorneys of The Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy are ready to confidently defend you in federal court, no matter how challenging your situation.

Providing Quality Defense Options against State-Level Economic Crimes

Although many white collar crimes can ultimately be prosecuted by the federal government, most of them are tried in State Courts. Consequences of a state offense can be just as severe as for a federal one, and carry the potential for serious penalties, including years in prison and thousands in fines. Some of the offenses that regularly lead to state charges in Dallas include:

Credit Card or Debit Card Fraud: Using, stealing, presenting, buying, or selling a credit card that is stolen or that does not belong to you.

Insurance Fraud: Preparing or presenting a statement to an insurer that contains false or misleading material for the purpose of defrauding or deceiving the insurer.

Mortgage Fraud: Providing false or misleading information to a lender for the purpose of obtaining a loan, or purchasing/ selling a home under false pretenses

Embezzlement: Dishonestly withholding or accumulating funds or assets that have been entrusted to the alleged offender for other purposes. Other common forms of fraud that lead to criminal charges in Dallas include:

Depending on the type of crime, as well as the value of the funds or assets obtained in the fraudulent scheme, individuals can face charges ranging from Class C misdemeanors to first degree felonies.

Helping You Avoid Penalties for White Collar Crimes in Dallas

In many cases, when an individual is convicted of a federal offense stemming from a white collar crime, the federal government will have the ability to sentence him or her to up to 30 years in prison, and/or a fine of up to a million dollars. Because defendants will often face numerous charges at a time, the combined penalties can be overwhelming. This makes it imperative to enlist the aid of an attorney who will diligently seek to have your charges reduced or dismissed before you even set foot in court.

For state level charges, the potential penalties include:

Individuals convicted of white collar crimes in Texas can face enhanced penalties if the victim was an elderly person, charity, non-profit organization, or if the offender was a government employee.

Working with a Quality Economic Crimes Defense Attorney in Dallas TX

Whether you are facing federal or state charges, Richard McConathy can assist you. In order to give yourself the best chance at avoiding a conviction, consult with The Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy as soon as possible. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy are dedicated to providing their clients with quality legal representation.

Call The Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy today at (972) 233-5700 if you have been charged with a such a crime and are looking for a white collar crime attorney in Dallas TX, Southlake, Plano, Highland Park, University Park, Carrolton, Allen, Irving, Fort Worth, Arlington, and the surrounding areas.

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